Tunnelbear Review

There must be some sort of reasons of why this VPN company comes with an eye-catching app interface, inviting rustic theme and a Bear to its simple design. Well, from those hints, you must have been able to guess what we are talking about now. TunnelBear, noticeably, presents itself as an affordable, distinct and realiable VPN. But, is that what you are going to have?

Despite its cute app design, TunnelBear can be one of great options for anyone planning to purchase a VPN which does not cost much but still compatible with their current needs. For more detailed information, check it out in the following sections.

What Is TunnelBear?

It may not be you, but there are lots of people put price as their top consideration. But if you are among these people, then TunnelBear is kind of a good partner to work with as it offers free version subscription. Even for the paid version, if you have a special TunnelBear coupon code, you can get a very cheap price as well. It is great, compared to other VPNs which do not come with free subscription. Yet, you need to understand that the free service comes with a bit consequence; you are only given 500MB data per month. You can add it to 1GB if you agree to tweet about the company.

From its official site, you can find that TunnelBear’s servers have so far been present in 20 countries around the world. Though it is not as many as other VPNs, the distribution of the locations are pretty decent, enabling everyone from various parts of the world to enjoy TunnelBear’s features.

Five devices in total can all be connected to TunnelBear in one-time connection, for both free and paid package plans. Paid plans are offered in two sections; Giant which costs $7.99 per month and Grizzly for $49.99 per month.

In addition, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are all compatible with TunnelBear. Based on another TunnelBear review, it is reported that the installation of the app to devices are pretty fast. The app’s interface is also pretty simple, with On and Off button on one side, a bar showing the closest tunnel you can connect to and the Bear itself.


TunnelBear distinguishes itself by presenting Vigilant Mode and GhostBear as two of its strengths. Vigilant Mode can prevent data from slipping out as the system is connecting, while GhostBear is aimed to disguise itself as a normal HTTPS so that the VPN would not be blocked.

Overall, we can imply from this TunnelBear review that the VPN may work quite well though it does not offer what many other VPNs.