How To Setup TorGuard On iPhone

Are you up for TorGuard’s features? Well, TorGuard is kind of a great alternative for everyone planning to enjoy browsing and torrenting safely, with all the privacy and security guaranteed. It comes with a set of flexible pricing levels which would certainly be liked by most VPN users. Though it does not come with free subscription, but TorGuard may give you refund if you don’t find it meet your expectation within the first 7-day usage. If you really want to buy it, you can use a Torguard coupon code to cut the price down.

Yet, if you find it great, then you can go for one of TorGuard’s package plans, offered in monthly, annually and every-two-year packages. All those subscriptions can be used in various devices with various operating system, including iPhone.

You don’t have to worry about whether you are going to be able to successfully enjoy the access on your iPhone, because TorGuard’s setup on iPhone is considerably easy. Take a look.

Setting Up TorGuard on iPhone

Well, before doing the setup, it is certain that you have had TorGuard’s OpenVPN app on your iPhone that you had downloaded from the Apple Itunes. Follow this step by connecting your iPhone to the itunes app on your computer. After that, you are going to need to select ‘OpenVPN’ among the list of apps presented on your computer. Click on the ‘Add’ button to continue the instruction.

We are certainly not done yet, because you are going to need to download TorGuard’s iOS/Android OpenVPN config files to your computer. It is a zip-formatted file, so you must unzip it first in your desktop to open the file. Continue the instruction by opening all the config files you have just downloaded from the TorGuard.


Then, move to your iPhone. If you have done everything previously right, then you must be able to find a notification stating ‘New profiles are available…’ That is the sign of your next move which is clicking on the green ‘+’ icons of the servers you would like to import to your iPhone.

Once you add all the servers you need, you can connect to particular server location after entering your TorGuard’s username and password. Finish the procedure by turning on the Connection button to ‘ON’. Then wait till you are connected to the server you have chosen. It does not take long to get connected to the server, and that’s it!