The results are in…and you told me you want to hear from Christian single men, so here you go! Below are interviews with Christian single men sharing their insights on singleness from the Christian single male perspective.

If there is anything to be garnered from reading the responses from these Christian men, it is my hope that you are reassured of the fact that there are good (not perfect) Christian single men out there who seek to honor God with their lives, so keep the faith (and stop settling for less than God’s best)!

Here’s a message of encouragement from Jake Harvey of Single Roots, On Behalf of Men…

Olusegun Mokuolu is a leader among leaders. He states, “God is always looking for a man in the home, church and society. It’s always a big disappointment when He does not find one. It is therefore expedient to study the scripture and understand God’s mind for the Christian man.” And this is Olusegun’s goal as the online men’s bible study leader at the

Mark Anthony McCray is a visionary, entrepreneur and a teacher. He is always moving, learning, experimenting, trying, failing and succeeding. He has a varied online presence, but in his blog BeWorthFinding he shares key ingsights on how to live out and apply Proverbs 18:22.

James-Michael Smith is a teacher, speaker, all-around Bible geek and the author of the Disciple Dojo blog.  His blog is a virtual Dojo (place where martial arts are learned)–where students of the Master can sharpen, challenge and encourage one another as they endeavor to become more like Christ.

Rob McWilliams is the author of a website that provides information and resources to encourage Christian singles. His site reminds singles how important it is to seek God above all else when selecting a mate.

Michael Dyer is the author of a blog that provides candid dating advice to Christian single men to help them overcome many of the dating problems and pain he has encountered.  His blog also includes helpful tips and tactics.

Michael Aulia is a blogger who wanted to provide a resource to help enhance others’ Christian journey.  In response to his desire, he launched a blog dedicated to Christian resources and articles.

Gerald Jones is a singer/songwriter and all around gospel music lover.  He’s a PK who grew up listening to gospel music legends and is now the author of a gospel music blog.

Kevin Sanders is a Christian missionary living in the Philippines and the author of a blog about Christian reflections on relationships and life.

Despite popular belief, good Christian single men really do exist so more interviews will be forthcoming.